Focus and principles

Focus on value development

As an active shareholder, Atlantic Capital is closely involved in the development of its portfolio companies and aims to create value growth within the companies in which it invests. 

Together with the managing board/entrepreneur and the management team, plans are developed for strategic and operational improvements, devoting explicit attention to factors that determine value. The execution and adjustment of these plans is therefore aimed structurally at value development.

Atlantic Capital plays an active role in the strategic planning process and the implementation of strategic projects, such as acquisitions, restructuring, etc. Where possible and necessary, expert assistance is also made available in the field of optimising the financial structure and control, recruiting and selecting talent, managing business development and in legal and tax affairs.


Atlantic Capital aims for solid relationships with the entrepreneurs and managers of the companies in which it invests. This is based on mutual trust and respect and is aimed at jointly developing a successful company.

During the investment process, Atlantic Capital explicitly focuses on the realisation of value development. During the initial inquiries, the factors that determine the value of the business are identified. Together with the company’s management, plans and courses are drawn up for the strategic development and any operational improvements. The execution and adjustment of these is and remains therefore based on the realisation of the envisaged value growth.

Atlantic Capital makes use of experienced entrepreneurs and managers from its network in order to contribute towards the development of its portfolio. Developments in the portfolio are also discussed regularly with its Advisory Board.

Atlantic Capital is a member of the Dutch private equity and venture capital association NVP Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen and acts in accordance with its code of conduct.