Business succession

Selling a business is a drastic step. For an entrepreneur who has spent years investing heart and soul in a business, emotions play a significant role in this process. 

For businesses with succession issues, Atlantic Capital is looking for - together with the entrepreneur if so desired - new management in the form of a management buy-in (MBI) or a management buy-out (MBO) When investing in businesses, Atlantic Capital endeavours to form lasting relationships with the potential candidate and the company’s management. This is based on mutual trust and respect with a joint vision for developing a successful business.

For the duration of the investment process Atlantic Capital’s emphasis will be to focus on realising increased value. During the investment analysis, the factors determining the company’s value will be identified. In collaboration with the new or existing management of the company, plans and a strategy for the way forward will be drafted for strategic development and for any operational improvements that may be needed. All phases of the execution or adjustment of this strategy will be based on realising the envisioned growth in value.

A few examples of transactions where business succession played a role: